Monday, 1 April 2013

Travel Noughts & Crosses

Preparations for our holiday are revving up, and although we only have a short plane ride this time (as opposed to the mammoth car journey we did last year!) I still like to put together a little bag of goodies for my two which will *hopefully* keep them occupied for a while.

I saw this cute little felt Noughts & Crosses game a while ago on Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky and have been meaning to find time to make it.  Well, I should have done it sooner - it only took me 10 minutes yesterday!  If you click through to the original tutorial, on there is a handy PDF for you to print which will make it even quicker.  Like 5 minutes instead of 10 :)

DH and DS were out taking a walk while DD and I were crafting yesterday...she was sticking tissue paper and sequins to cardboard letters while I managed a quick session on the sewing machine!  When they got back and DS saw this, he couldn't wait to have a go - 5 games later and he reluctantly put it away in time for dinner.

Fingers crossed he is still interested when we are at 30,000 feet...

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