Monday, 22 April 2013

Meal Planning Monday

It's back to reality and routine this week with the return of school.  I've mixed feelings about this part of me does a little happy dance but the other part is sad to have our time together come to an end.  

I find that each holiday follows the same pattern - before the break-up I make a plan for activities each day so we are organised...I also try to pre-plan the meals but that doesn't always work :/   By day 3/4 I'm tearing my hair out and gagging for them to return but a few days later we've found our groove and I start enjoying our time together.  It's all about readjusting your expectations isn't it?  No, my house is not particularly tidy (or spotlessly clean) during school holidays but does that matter?  Once I let go of the stress of not being in my usual routine, we start to have fun.  And that is what's important, right?! 

Nevertheless, I'm easing myself in gently this week with some tried & tested easy recipes that will make the transition back to our school routine a little easier.

Monday - Mild chicken curry with apple
We always have this when I've made a roast chicken the day before :)

Tuesday - Pasta with homemade pesto & garlic bread
Need something quick & easy after school!

Wednesday - Turkey meatballs
Another favourite in our house - I make these with pepper sauce and serve with spaghetti.

Thursday - Homemade Pizzas
The kids love helping me make these and as they put their own toppings on, it helps cater to their different tastes.

I made this a few weeks ago and it was *so* good!

This post is part of Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday - you will no doubt find some delicious edible inspiration from all the other link-ups if you're struggling with your menu this week!

Meal Planning Monday


Kim Carberry said...

Fab meal plan!!
We love homemade pizzas too..Great fun and the kids love them!

The Mini Mes and Me said...

The butter chicken looks fantastic! A great meal plan :)

BNM said...

I love butter chicken - may have to have that on Saturday too!


Anonymous said...

Turkey meatballs sound great with pepper sauce, one for my to do list.
Homemade pizzas you can't beat!