Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mamatography - Week 12

This one is a week late...and I'm missing a couple of pics but better late than never!

Day 76 - Sunday 17 March
DS moves into a Big Boy's Bed and DD into her toddler bed...

Day 77 - Monday 18 March
Sorting out some cupboards and I came across the first thing we bought for DS after finding out I was pregnant (the NBC bib) and two teeny-tiny cardigans that Grandma knitted for his arrival.  Almost 5 years ago!

Day 78 - Tuesday 19 March
We regularly have extra guests for breakfast at our house...

Day 79 - Wednesday 20 March
The orchids in my kitchen are doing beautifully right now...

Day 80 - Thursday 21 March

Day 81 - Friday 22 March

Day 82 - Saturday 23 March
Ten minutes before DS was due to leave for a space party, I realised he didn't have a costume...bring on the green face paint, headband covered in tin foil with green pipe cleaners and a wizards cloak turned inside out, and he became an alien!

Without further ado, here are the Mama/Papatography2013 participants!

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