I am a SAHM to the two most wonderful kids I have ever met - hey I know every mama says that but these little people make me try and be a better person every single day, & for that I am truly grateful.  I don't always succeed at that by the way!  My son, DS, was born in August 2008, and my daughter, DD, in August 2010.  I am married to a great man, DH, who works hard to support us all, and thankfully gives me the opportunity to stay at home with the kids during this crucial stage of their lives.  

In 2011, we moved out from London so we could have more space.  We live in a "work in progress" house on the border of the Three Counties of Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire, and are slowly adjusting to life outside the city.  There is plenty we want to do to the house but this garden is the reason we bought it.

OK, it's not exactly "country" here but for somebody who has lived in the metropolis of the city for over 10 years, I'm still getting used to it! 

I would describe myself as a slightly crunchy mama, although I'm always working harder on that!  I have a big passion for cooking and writing, and am also trying out my hand at some craft...mainly sewing but trying to progress to other areas.

I love being a mum, it is truly the best job in the world but that doesn't mean that I don't get frustrated sometimes.  This is my place to share, think, learn, reflect...and sometimes vent!  I do not claim to be an expert (far from it!) but I have really enjoyed following and learning from "mama" blogs since I had my kids, and now I'm jumping in to join the fun!  

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