Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Raspberry & Peach Pudding

Puddings weren't big in our house when I was growing up so I'm not great with them.  However Spiderboy has been eating some very traditional desserts at school lately and loves them so I'm trying to make a few more.  I've made this twice in the last month, and its gone down very well indeed.

Ingredients (serves 2)
Tin of peaches in juice
Punnet of raspberries
Natural Greek yoghurt
Teaspoon of caster sugar
Ginger biscuit

Layer the peach slices and raspberries at the bottom of the bowls, setting aside 6 raspberries.

Pour half the peach juice from the tin, along with a few tablespoons of the yoghurt and 6 raspberries, into a jug and blend into a puree.  (This literally took a minute - just a quick whizz using my stick blender).  Pour this over the fruit in the bowl.

Mix a few tablespoons of yoghurt with the sugar (use more or less according to taste) and pour this over the puree.  You can continue to layer like this until you reach the top but ensure you finish with the yoghurt on top.

Crumble over a ginger biscuit and serve in a glass bowl for added grown-up elegance ;)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hollycombe Steam Fairground

On Saturday night after an early supper, we wrapped up warm and headed out to Hollycombe Steam Fairground just outside Liphook.  I had often driven past the sign and meant to check it out but hadn't got around to it.  

Hollycombe is usually a day time activity but they open on selected nights through the year and this coming Saturday (19 October) is the last Fairground at Night opening for this year, and happens to be a Halloween special too!  We thought the kids would enjoy the adventure in the dark, and they sure did.

After a short queue to get in, we walked past the railway, a small steam train which we would later come back to.  First up was the Carousel, and with Doodles & I sharing a horse we were able to ride three-a-breast for a race!

Next were the chair-o-planes...

Fun on the chair-o-planes
...then we enjoyed a short Keystone Cops film, accompanied by live organ music, which Spiderboy thought was very funny.  

The Big Wheel was a highlight (not for me unfortunately, as I find myself suddenly afraid of heights since becoming a mother!) but I could hear great whoops of delight from the carriage behind us as Spiderboy enjoyed going to the top.  Doodles & I sat a little more serenely and enjoyed picking out the rides we wanted to go on next from high up on our vantage point.

Big Wheel
Next the Ghost House, which Motorbike Man took them into one by one (as it was apparently pitch black inside) from which they emerged in various states of distress, fright and excitement.  With enormous great steam engines and huge organs playing music dotted about the site, along with a pit stop for candy floss, there was plenty for the children to see and experience.  We ended the evening with a ride through the woods on the railway, which although chilly was great fun as there were plenty of ghosts & ghouls to spot along the way.

Passing by in a blur on the steam swings
There is a cafe on site, where you can warm up with hot dogs, chips and hot-chocolate.  It wasn't a cheap night at £40 for a Super Saver ticket which admitted all four of us *but* this does entitle you to as many return visits as you like for a whole year so we will be making sure to return so we take advantage of this.

With a quick visit to the toilet before leaving, Doodles couldn't keep her eyes open and promptly fell asleep on the loo.  Spiderboy wasn't too far behind with his eyes closing before we drove out of the car park.  We had a lovely family evening, and they have been talking about when they can go again ever since.