Friday, 24 May 2013

Why I blog...

In case you're wondering, I don't do this because I think I'm a shining example of motherhood...I am FAR from that.  I'm not sure I get this competition between mums.  We're all aiming for the same thing right?  Bringing our children up the best we can without making *too* many mistakes.  There are no prizes given out at the end, except to see our kids hopefully go out into the world as well-adjusted and developed adults.  So why not learn from each other as we go?  Each of us has different strengths and weaknesses, and I personally learn so much and get such wonderful ideas by reading other mummy blogs.  

Motherhood is my job - my full-time job.  Although I always had a job before I had DS, I never had a career as such...this is my calling.  And yes, I take pride in it.  But I'm not showing off or putting myself up on a pedestal, rather sharing some fun ideas, recipes and knowledge that I've found to work for our family.

This blog is my hobby.  I love creating things and I love writing so what better way to combine the two than writing a blog!  But a hobby it remains, at present at least.  So there will be times when I get to post lots and times when it is few & far between.  If I have to choose between hanging out with my family or writing about it, I will always choose the former.

The blog is growing and changing all the time, as I learn more and discover new tricks and ways within the mysterious world of blogging.  So now I thought it was about time I put some slightly more personal names to my family rather than the DH, DS and DD they are currently known as.

DS, our Number 1 Son, was born in 2008.  He has been consistently obsessed with Spiderman for the last 1.5 years and it shows no signs of abating just yet.  So I hereby christen him Spiderboy.

Dear Daughter joined our family in 2010 and she has many nicknames, one of which is Doodles so I'll stick with that for the purposes of blogging.

And finally, my kind, patient Dear Husband, who goes out to work everyday to support us all with only the occasional moan, shall henceforth be known as Motorbike Man.  After his family, this is his pride & joy - the Yamaha BT1100, which looks like this:

And here he is introducing our boy to 22 months old!

And in case you thought he was sexist, here he is introducing it to our girl...although she was a little older at 2.5 years!

I just hope they don't want to ride it when they hit 16!

So this is me.  And my family.  Three Counties Mum, Motorbike Man, Spiderboy and Doodles.  And you are very welcome along on our journey.


wanderlust said...

Aww. Your blog and ideas are
inspiring ! xx

rayner said...

I think that your photo is delightful.
I have just found your blog. I live in London I am afraid. Your comments are very perceptive and good.