Monday, 25 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Remember the restaurant meal I boasted about last week?!  It was *so* worth the wait.  Pan fried scallops followed by Chateaubriand steak with thick-cut chips and salad, all washed down with wine and Bellini cocktails.  And yes, I did have to look up how to spell that.  The steak...not the cocktails :)  Kudos to my child-free sister for surviving 24 hours with my two monsters - not quite sure she's recovered yet!

Anyway, back to the reality of school runs and family suppers now.  The Easter holidays are looming so I will be using my slow cooker a lot more than usual so that at least I don't have to worry about dinner *and* trying to entertain the kids!

Monday - Everything Fried Rice and after a quick root around in the freezer, I'll be adding bacon in too.

Tuesday - Slow-Cooked Chilli ...this is a firm favourite in our house!

Wednesday - Kids will have left-over fish pie and I will rustle up something easy for DH as I'm out meeting a friend for a pub dinner :)

Thursday - Quick Beef Stroganoff...a new recipe that I'm trying from a new Quick & Easy Family Meals recipe book.  Hope it lives up to its name...

Friday - Kashmiri Chicken cooked in the SC...looking forward to that one!  Not too spicy so hoping the kids like it too.

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Lauren - Big Eejit said...

I love chuck it together fried rice - I'm having that this week too!