Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mamatography: Week 5

Here's what we got up to in week 5...

Day 27 - Sunday 27 January
Lunch with DH's family including his sister, who was back from working in Congo and bought us some wonderful gifts - I got this beautiful wooden carved box.

Day 28 - Monday 28 January
DD & I had fun watching The Gruffalo's Child at the theatre!

Day 29 - Tuesday 29 January
DD helped me to prepare the veggies for supper...

Day 30 - Wednesday 30 January
Very excited to received these rolls of tulle in the post...I couldn't wait to start making the tutu I'd planned for DD! 

Day 31 - Thursday 31 January
Thai chicken curry for supper, inspired by Mediocre Mum's recipe that I saw this week...I played around with it a little & hope to get it my version up on the Blog soon.

Day 32 - Friday 1 February
DD has pretty much worn the tutu I made her every day since it was finished! (Tutorial post here.)

Day 33 - Saturday 2 February

DD is slowly getting braver around our cats...I was delighted that I got her to stroke them while they were having some milk - a big step for her :)

Without further ado, here are the Mama/Papatography2013 participants!


Luschka said...

Your blog makes me YEARN For home! Do you know I teach Baby Massage at GLive? At least I used to before coming to Australia, hopefully I'll have my job back when I get back! Love the tutu as well! Aviya's first party is going to be a fairy party... you've inspired me to make the dress myself!Is a tutorial forthcoming?

ThreeCounties Mum said...

There is one on the Blog Luschka - click on the word tutu and it will take you through (doesn't show up very well...I know!) One thing you will not be missing is the weather...freezing here right now, enjoy your time in Oz!

Momma Jorje said...

That box is beautiful. I thought it might be some sort of worry stone.

The colors of tulle look so pretty together... as the tutu then also confirms.

Mmmm, thai curry...