Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lollystick Puzzles

I have seen these on Blogs lots of times before but when a post I read featured them last week, it reminded me to give them a go.  They are great for keeping in your handbag - take up no room, and easy to whip out when you need to keep fingers busy for 5 minutes! 

Here is what you'll need:

Lolly sticks
Sticky tape
Although you can use regular size lolly sticks, these jumbo lolly sticks are easier to work with and as they are quite handy for other crafts, I thought I could afford to splash out at less than £2.50 a pack!

First lay the sticks side by side and tape them together.

Next, spread glue on the reverse of your picture.  Make sure it is evenly spread - use a brush if necessary.  Flip the lolly sticks over and stick the picture on the opposite side to the tape.

Now you need to leave it to dry.  I placed mine under a large heavy cook book to help it flatten out whilst it dried.  When it is dry, remove the tape from the back.

Next you need to cut the picture along the lolly sticks.  Obviously this would work better with a craft knife but I found a sharp kitchen knife wasn't too bad.  It was a little easier to cut if I bent the lolly stick towards me first, then scored it along the line before cutting it.

There you have it!  An easy puzzle, adapted to whatever picture you like.

Although this was quick and easy, I'm not sure I would use this for ordinary picture puzzles (especially when you can get puzzles so cheaply) but I do think it would be great for family photographs - I plan to make DD a set with family members to reinforce her family in her mind.

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