Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chicken & Potato Balls

I usually make these on a Monday after we've had a roast chicken for Sunday lunch to use up the leftover meat.  You don't need to be precise with your measurements - just use roughly the same amounts of chicken, potatoes and parsnips.  The kids love these little balls of goodness, and I usually serve them with a side of veg.

Cooked chicken breast or any left over chicken meat off the bone (around 125g)
2 potatoes, peeled & chopped
1 small parsnip, peeled & chopped
Knob of butter
1 carrot, peeled & grated
1 small onion, peeled & chopped

Boil the potato and parsnip for around 10 mins until soft, then mash well with the butter.  Set aside to cool.

Heat a little oil in a pan and add the onion and carrot, cooking for around 5 mins without colouring.  Allow to cool for 5 mins then add it to a food processor along with the cooked chicken and blitz until finely chopped.  

Add this mixture to the mashed potato & parsnip and combine thoroughly.  Take spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into balls the size of walnuts.  Toss them in a little flour until they are covered.

Heat some more oil in a frying pan and add the balls.  Cook for around 5 - 10 mins until browned and serve immediately.

NB. If you want to freeze these, do so before you coat in flour then you can defrost and continue the recipe when you need them.

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