Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Play Passports

When I got the kid’s passports out this week in order to collect a parcel addressed to them (don’t get me started on that!), I could barely prise them away to put them back.  I obviously didn’t want to let them play with the real deal so decided we should fashion some for them.  

After a quick search, I found a handy template that we used as a base here.  Instead of laminating the cover as they suggest (who has a laminator at home anyway?!), I stuck the page onto card as a base before cutting it out.  I used the Personal Details page from the template and then cut blank pages for the inserts.  I printed shrunk down photos of each of them for their passport photo and we stuck them on before filling in their personal details.

I decided to print a flag and photo for each trip, even though it meant we had duplicate flags.  I wanted to add a photo from each trip so it would jog their memory about the holiday.  I also thought it would be nice to add a new flag and photo after each trip.

I found flag images on Google and added the country's name and the dates we had been there to surround it before printing.  We added the cut out "stamps" to a couple of the pages too for an authentic look.  

Finally, I used coloured ribbon to bind it all together - just tie it round the middle pages and knot firmly to hold it all together - I didn't feel comfortable using staples that they could pull out.

I've a feeling these will be joining us on our trip to Germany next month!

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