Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jay Miller's Circus

DH and I took the kids to the circus on Sunday afternoon.  Although it was their first experience for both of them, I was pretty sure they would enjoy it...and I was right!

The show lasted 2 hours (with a short interval) and featured among others Peppi the clown, amazing acrobatic and trapeze displays, a human slinky (yes, you read that right!) and an incredible roller skating pair who left an audience volunteer ever so slightly dizzy.  Both DS and DD were transfixed by most of the acts, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation, and DS enjoyed getting his face painted by Peppi during the interval.

Jay Miller's is a family run operation, with three daughters participating in the show, and this year is the 25th anniversary tour.  The skill and talent from these artists was amazing - it no doubt takes relentless practice and for not much recognition, lets be honest.  I'm all for supporting these guys - what a terrible shame it will be if our grandchildren don't get to experience a circus because they have ceased to exist. 

If you get the chance, then grab some tickets for this week before they leave town on Monday!

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