Thursday, 20 September 2012

Haslemere Museum

Last week, DD and I visited Haslemere Museum for one of their Early Years sessions.  That week's theme was Maisie Goes To The Museum and although DD is not a huge Maisie fan, I thought we would give it a try, if only to introduce her to the concept of a museum.


We were treated to a reading of the story while the children could make use of related props, which they happily waved about when they recognised them within the story.  Then we went on a group tour of the museum to find some of the things that Maisie enjoyed seeing during her visit.  A dolls house, many various stuffed animals (which I had trouble dragging DD away from!), costumes and dinosaur bones were a few of things we found and the children loved it.  

After that, we returned to the room where we started for some colouring in of Maisie colouring pages that the children could choose from.  Then we had another reading of the story, recapping on what we had seen on our tour and comparing it to Maisie's visit.  To finish up we had a trip outside to the museum garden to see the working beehive, which the children were fascinated by.  There was the option to stay for tea or juice but we had an appointment with the supermarket so we left.

All of that for just £3 (£1 per adult, £2 per child), which I thought was fantastic value.  We were there over an hour and judging by the amount of mums with toddlers and newborns, it seems an ideal place to keep your toddler entertained, especially on a rainy day. 

The Early Years events take place every 2/3 weeks on a Friday (check the website under Events) and we will definitely be going again!

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