Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Today we visited Secretts in Godalming.  I just love this place!  Besides being a fantastic garden centre and farm shop, they always put on activities for the kids during every school holiday.  AND THEY ARE FREE!  They usually do a Treasure Hunt themed to the holiday, although today we were actually aiming for the Story Telling in the courtyard (note, this is held in the Farm Shop not the Garden Centre...<bangs head on wall>...  As we missed the stories, we decided instead to join the Jubilee treasure hunt.  Children (or parents) are given a sheet with 10 clues and you have to find them around the garden centre.  

DS loved the Halloween themed one last year...

...and although today he was less enthusiastic, we pushed on and collected all the clues.  The kids return their sheet to the front desk and receive a prize - usually a sweet of some description.  Aside from the hunt, my kids love the duck pond and playhouse at the top of the garden centre - a reason to visit anytime in my opinion!  We usually end up buying hot chocolate in the cafe (which does great food) so I don't feel too bad about taking advantage of the freebie activities ;o)


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