Monday, 25 June 2012

Stepping Stones Cookie Bar

After a hellish visit to the dentist this morning, I was in dire need of caffeine so took the opportunity to pay a visit to Stepping Stones Cookie Bar on Royal Parade in Hindhead.  I intended to get a coffee to take-away so we could head to the park and let off some much needed steam but I spotted a patio door to the back of the shop and discovered there was a little garden, complete with a play slide, so I decided to order in.  The coffee was pretty darn good and I felt compelled to sample some of the cake too (so selfless, I know!) so we had ourselves a very pleasant pit stop in the sunny garden.  I was able to enjoy my latte in relative peace while the little guys wore themselves out seeing who could find the most adventurous way to descend a slide.

Chatting to the server afterwards, I discovered the shop is a social enterprise with the profits being split 50/50 between Stepping Stones, a school for children with mild disabilities which is just around the corner to the shop, and the COINS Foundation, its parent organisation.  Pupils from the school also get to do work experience at the coffee bar, and visit weekly to learn about the way the business is run as well as ex-pupils working in the shop at the weekend.

The shop is immaculate and sells little goodies on the side too - some edible, some fun - and they do a range of sandwiches & paninis as well as cakes and cookies.  And the way I see it, any calories consumed there are offset by the virtue of helping out the least that what I was telling myself as I devoured a large and very delicious piece of lemon cake!

Stepping Stones Cookie Bar

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