Monday, 14 January 2013

Puzzle Organisation

DD is crazy mad on puzzles right now - she will sit and do a 35 piece one by herself which at 29 months is pretty impressive, even if I do say so myself ;)  What is not impressive though is the amount of space the puzzle boxes are taking up in the play area.  So last week I came up with a plan, & here it is.

I had 4 different Peppa Pig puzzles, each in a separate box which had been stood on / broken in some way.

Tired and sorry box after somebody's foot landed on it!
Take one biscuit tin which is inexplicably empty...*whistles nonchalantly*

I put each puzzle into a resealable food bag and placed it in the tin.

Cut the picture from one puzzle (I chose the one with the most pieces as that is one she is most likely to need to refer to) and glue / tape it onto the lid of the biscuit tin.

I then cut small pictures out of the other puzzles (the side of puzzle boxes usually has a tiny picture on it) and taped them to the side of the biscuit tin, including a repeat of the large picture so there was one of each of them.

I freed up space from 4 whole puzzle boxes by putting them all into one tin.  The best part was that the bags are easy to transport so we took one to Grandad's house yesterday to keep ourselves busy over lunch :o)

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