Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Thank You Cards

I can't be the only one left with scraps of Christmas wrapping paper that aren't big enough to wrap anything in but are too big to just throw away?!  So I thought we would use them to create cards thank you cards.  To be honest, getting DS to write his thank you cards after birthdays and Christmas takes quite a bit of "encouragement" so I thought if we made it more fun he would be more inclined to get involved.

We drew around each of their hands using different wrapping paper scraps for each child.  I stuck a left hand from DS and a right hand from DD onto the front of a piece of black folded card.  Then I cut out letters from the wrapping paper to say "thank you".  This bit was a little fiddly but we were sat watching a Christmas film on TV so it didn't matter that it took me a while.  I stuck those letters inside the card, then stuck in a mixture of printed and written words (depending on how much I could persuade DS to write!) inside, i.e. Dear Grandma & Grandpa.

We are posting them off today so hopefully they will like them!

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