Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mamatography: Week 3

Week 3 of Mamatography - I managed a photo for each day this time *and* I'm on time - hoorah!

Day 13 - Sunday 13 January
A trip to visit Nanny & Grandad finished with fun in the park after lunch!

Day 14 - Monday 14 January
Our first snow of the year...beautiful.

Day 15 - Tuesday 15 January
With both kids at school & nursery, I experimented with leftover crayon pieces and made these cute Valentine crayon hearts - post coming soon!

Day 16 - Wednesday 16 January
A quiet day for DD & I at home but this was my view from our lounge while I enjoyed a cup of tea in the early afternoon.

Day 17 - Thursday 17 January
After a night of continued coughing, I couldn't rouse DD the next morning...think she would have slept through a bomb going off!

Day 18 - Friday 18 January
A serious dump of snow meant that school closed 45 minutes after it opened so while DH went to fetch DS back home, DD watched the snowfall out of the kitchen windows.

Day 19 - Saturday 19 January
Fun, fun, fun in the glorious snow!  

Without further ado, here are the Mama/Papatography 2013 participants!

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Momma Jorje said...

Go you! Good job!

And send some of that snow our way, please.