Thursday, 13 June 2013

Father's Day Ideas

Are you ready?  It's very nearly Father's Day!  If you need a quick last minute idea, here are a few good ones.

This year, we have made Motorbike Man this cute Shirt & Tie card that I recently blogged about.  

For local readers, we've also ordered some delicious cookies from The Custom Cookie Co which has a great range to choose from, there is sure to be something to suit the man in your life - biscuits shaped like power tools, golf clubs and ties to name a few.  

I've also devised a questionnaire for the kids to fill in but Motorbike Man - I got the idea from Meet The Dubiens but I wanted a slightly more personal version (although they have a free printable if you're strapped for time!)  Obviously I helped Doodles to write down her answers down but Spiderboy will fill in his own, and this makes for very funny reading.  I had to try very hard to stop myself from laughing when I was writing down the answers Doodles gave me...  You can tailor the questions to suit the age of the child, I did a simplified version for my 2 year old and included more questions for my 4 year old, and added photos of them with Daddy over the years.  I really hope there will be some laughs on Sunday when we hand these over.

There are some really fun edible ideas rounded up by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons to be found here.

Craftionary has some great ideas for photographic presents here... what daddy doesn't love photos of their gorgeous offspring?!

If you're short on time, Small & Friendly has a cute printable for a wallet sized picture here, which wouldn't take long to make.

Whatever your gifts, I hope you have a lovely family day spending time with the man that helped you bring your precious children into this world.


Karen said...

Great idea about the "about my daddy" questionnaire!

ThreeCounties Mum said...

The answers were priceless Karen - they made us laugh so much, and it is definitely something hubby will keep for many years to come.