Sunday, 5 August 2012


On the way home from buying his new school uniform last week <sob>, DS & I stopped at a PYO farm to pick up some goodies.  I've been meaning to take him for some time, seeing as how we didn't get round to planting our own veggies this year - I'm really keen for him to understand that food doesn't all come from the supermarket!

So we pulled in to Sutton Green Garden Centre on Woking Road (between Guildford & Woking) and made our way round to the PYO fields at the back, collecting a basket on the way.

DS loved it - we picked marrows....


...and a whole host of other things too!

We saw a couple of other families while we were picking but there is more than enough space so you don't bump into each other.  The strawberries were a bit sparse, I'm guessing they are the most popular thing to pick, but we still found some in the middle of the patch.  The blackberries more than made up for it though...they were endless!

There is a new coffee shop on-site with a small toddler house & slide to play with outside, and a farm shop where you can buy anything you didn't manage to pick in the fields.

Here is our stash (marrows, courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and blackberries) pictured on the kitchen table once we got home!

Definitely worth a stop if you are passing - since our visit on Thursday, we have used the courgettes in a Spaghetti Carbonara, the broad beans in pesto pasta, had the baby carrots alongside a fish pie on Saturday followed by the strawberries for dessert, and made a pear & blackberry crumble today to enjoy the blackberries!  Best of all, the whole lot was well under £10 ;)

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