Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic Medals

With the Olympic Torch passing through our area on Friday, I thought we would do some Olympic themed activities this week.  

Yesterday, we made our own Olympic medals which couldn't have been any easier...so easy in fact, I'm not even sure I need to post the instructions but in case any of you dear readers are as inept at arts & crafts as I am, you may appreciate them.

You will need:
  • Printed shapes (I used Word's Autoshapes and chose 4 that looked vaguely medal like)
  • Old card - we used the packaging from a yoghurt multipack and a cereal box
  • Number stickers (that I found in the £1 shop!)
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Colouring pens

I let the kids choose which shape they wanted to use and had them glue it onto the card, then cut it out (of course DD chose the 16 point star so I had to cut it out for her!).  

Next I got them to decorate the medals with the colouring pens - this didn't last very long, as they were eager to move on but if your kids have more patience you could use glitter too.  They chose their number stickers and stuck them on.  

The next part was the best for them - they rifled through my ribbon collection that I have for sewing and spent ages choosing a ribbon. Then we punched holes in the top of the medals and threaded the ribbon through.  I  tied a knot in the top and hey presto, we had medals to wear!

Easy-peasy craft - the type I like best - and DS asked immediately if he could make another one.   I couldn't find the two medals that DS made to add them to the photograph this morning but here is DD's attempt at 23 months, modelled by Mr Strong.

If the rain holds off long enough today, we may have some races in the garden and an award ceremony!

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