Thursday, 26 July 2012

TV Scheduler

It's all too easy to switch on the TV to keep the kids quiet while you try to get something done and I knew that with the summer holiday now upon us, I needed to come up with a plan to limit TV time in our house.  Inspired by a post on Playing With Words 365, I came up with my own version of their TV time chart.

I Googled a picture of our TV (so the kids could recognise it) then found images of the shows they like to watch regularly.  I stuck all of these onto card and cut them out individually.  

Next I put a piece of sticky velcro on to the back of each cut out picture, and the corresponding long piece of velcro below the TV picture.

I put all the "shows" into a bowl and each morning you can get them to pick, say, 3 shows they can watch that day and stick them onto the long velcro strip.  

It lets them feel in control of what they are watching, and also helps them to know the TV gets switched off after the end of their show.  

It's working well for us so far!

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Momma Jorje said...

This totally looks like something I would do, and very cool!