Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Painting at Grayshott Pottery

Yesterday, we visited Grayshott Pottery to have a go at their Half Term painting.  

It was very reasonably priced at £2.50 per child and after payment, the kids got to choose the shape they wanted to paint from a choice of star, butterfly, rabbit, egg, heart or flower.   The shapes are pre-cut and glazed with a hole for hanging so all we needed to do was don our aprons and get painting!

We happened to arrive at the same time as two other families (something to do with the sudden downpour I suspect!) so had to wait 5 minutes for a place but that was no problem.

There were a choice of paint colours set out in trays on the table, which seated around 8 children, for the children to use as well as little bottles of a slightly more "puffy" paint which they could add detail with.  When their shapes were decorated, we handed them over for drying and were advised to return the next day for collection.

We probably weren't there for more than half an hour so whilst it's not an extensive time filler, it was a fun activity to break up our morning for very little cost.  Its on for the rest of this week between 10-1 and 2-4 daily, and operates on a drop-in system so no need to pre-book.  

Just watch your little one's arms swinging by their sides as you make your way out through the shop in case they knock something off the shelf and break it...ahem...

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