Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Erth Dinosaur Zoo

If you get the chance to see Erth's Dinosaur Zoo, take it!  We had such fun seeing it at GLive on Sunday, and Spiderboy has been asking non-stop when we can go again.

As well as being hugely educational, it is cute, entertaining and scary all in one.  The dinosaur puppets are amazing, they really are incredibly real.  

Doodles was a pretty scared by the Australovenator (the one that looks pretty much like a T-Rex to you and me!) but there were cute baby dinos and medium sized friendly ones too that held her attention.  Spiderboy too was a little unnerved by the large dinosaur - you can't imagine how life-like they are until you see them.  Of course they ham it up and have him practically drooling over the stage ready to eat the children but that's exactly why the kids love it! 

Not your average sight on Guildford High Street!
Throughout the show, they took various children up on the stage to join in the fun (tip: get there early as they pre-choose some children for part of it).  The company also came outside the theatre afterwards so the children could all feel the dinosaurs and have pictures taken with them.

I would thoroughly recommend this show to anybody with young children, it was brilliant - get some tickets if you can!

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