Tuesday, 9 October 2012


When I discovered it was International Babywearing Week (8-14 October), I started reminiscing about when my little ones were small enough to be carried around all the time.  

Both DS and DD spent the vast majority of their first year being "worn" (and a great deal of their second year too!) and I had to try out a few carriers to find one I was really comfortable with.  My definite favourites were the CuddlyWrap for when they were tiny, and the Ergo for when they were a little heavier and / or when they began to need to ride on the back!  I did try a Mothercare carrier (in the style of a BabyBjorn) and also a sling style carrier but didn't really get on with either of those.

As a first time mum, babywearing took a bit of getting used to and many of my friends thought I was crazy for never putting DS down!  But I loved the ease of it and the fact that he would happily and calmly let me get on with most things while he sat in his pouch and watched or slept.  Second time around, I wore DD within a day of her birth (dropping her brother at nursery when she was just 30 hours old!) and over the next few months, it was great that I had my hands free to continue to play with / help DS while DD slept happily in the wrap.

I found so many great photos of our family's babywearing journey that I'm breaking my self-imposed rule (of not posting photos showing our faces on the Blog) to share them with you!

From left to right, top to bottom: 
1) Me with DS at 4 weeks in the CuddlyWrap; 
2) DH wearing DS in the Ergo at 13 months; 
3) Me wearing DD at 12 months & holding hands with DS (3 years)
4) DS in Mothercare carrier at 5 weeks; 
5) DH wearing DS to sleep at 9 weeks old; 
6) DD at 6 days old in the CuddlyWrap at DS' 2nd birthday party; 
7) DD on my back at 9 months, DS in the buggy!
8) DS at 22 months on DH's back & me 7.5 months pregnant with DD! 
9) DD at 13 months...fast asleep in the Ergo while I packed up our house to  move!; 
10) Hiking in Cornwall with DS in the Ergo at 9 months; 
11) DH & DS at 9 months, walking in a bluebell wood; 
12) At home with DD at 11 months;
13) Bird's eye view of DD in the CuddlyWrap at 10 months.

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